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Tactical Company for Tactical People

Who is Gear Assist and why should you care?

The first reason you should care about Gear Assist is the fact that we create quality well thought out patriotic apparel. Apparel, Morale Patches,  and more promoting America that will show people around you that you are patriotic, interesting and cool. The percent look while out drinking a cold beer enjoying our beautiful country from sea to shinning sea.

Phillip W. started Gear Assist after being in tactical industry with years of experience working with a number of the worlds largest tactical companies. As the years passed by he started to see the ethics of these companies falter.

"I am an American and I am personally sick of how these companies within the tactical community are ran. Most of them had no loyalty or regard to try and make anything in America anymore nor did they still care for their employees living wages.

These large conglomerate business men have lost sight of why these companies were created. Which was to help provide those in the United States of America with tactical gear that they need to keep the people that depend on them safe. Orders and sales numbers have replaced ethics and pride in our country.

These big companies don't care about how to help the soldiers on the ground, the police officers on the streets, or the men and women in America still working hard at making goods made in this country. So I got out and decided to create the type of company I wanted to work for one that promoted the ideals of the constitution, the will of the people, and men and women that fight for our freedom.

Is everything on GearAssist.com 100% Made in America yet? No, not yet. Our goal is to get there and while we work to achieve that goal we clearly label all items in our store that are 100% American Made. Are we perfect people? No. But do we want to get better and live up to what being a true American means well of course because believe in something greater then ourselves!

Gear Assists custormers are individuals who believe & care more about others than the letter "I" therefore it's saddening to see these large tactical dealers squarely out for personal gains and profit. Gear Assist is here to change that with a percentage of profits from our store going to tactical charities." - Phillip W.

We give back! That's right Gear Assist should matter to you if you want to give back while helping you look awesome. Due to our love for this country & of the men and women who serve it we have decided that the only reason to have a business is to be able to give back to the country we love. Every year we give back a percentage of our profits to one American Military, Police, or Firefighter related charity to support. Gear Assist Means Gear for you while we give back with Assisting charities that matter to our community.

Quality products at low prices from an American Company that cares more about proving our workers with decent wages and you our customers with quality products.

You tell us if looking sharp while helping your American brothers and sisters is a good enough reason to shop Gear Assist. Take a look around and let us know what else you are looking for and we will do our best to get you what you need.

Hey lets be clear we here at Gear Assist will never be perfect nor are we better than those looking to make a fair living and for us the goal is to help those that help the world. Its a compassionate goal to provide a service along with bigger intentions of giving back. Let us all work together to achieve our day to day goals with long term thoughts of helping better those who also do the same.

We all can make a difference without giving up who we are as moral people.

Thank You & God Bless America.

- Phillip W.