About Us

About Gear Assist

Our mission is to create Patriotic Morale Apparel & Streetwear that promotes a more positive future through fashion & design. We do this with Artwork created to inspire, promote not just our nation but & the men and women who serve & protect it.

Just like America, Gear Assist is built on a foundation of truth, quality, value & care. We take pride in leading the industry in delivering innovative products & Brands for those of us who believe in making a statement about fashion and their love for America. Gear Assist is here to help you express your patriotism & style as one united force.

Gear Assist is leading the industry in delivering Innovative, Patriotic & awe inspiring Morale Apparel, PVC Patches & Tactical Gear. We do this by printing most of our items in America via the demand at the time as to better protect our environment. Once each Order is placed it is then processed though our warehouse and printshop We do this to keep our quality of design at the highest level we can.

"I created Gear Assist as a Platform to highlight Designs that I was creating for myself to promote the American Dream that I believed in. With a background in Graphic Design I decided that it was best to create the platform in which I could express myself fully. Gear Assist was Born in 2014 to be that platform and promote patriotic ideas and quality shirts for my friends and family. Since then the site has grown and we have decided to include all kinds of great brands that fit withing our style esthetic and design philosophy. Today we still promote our Patriotic American Shirts but do it along with a streetwear designs and other fashion concuss brands. We are always growing and changing as human beings and with that so will Gear Assist."

— Phillip W. | Owner 

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