Giving Back

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Giving Back Is Part Of What We Do

Gear Assist Gives Back a percentage of Profits to Charities yearly that support Military, Police & Firefighters. Setting aside a percentage of profits is the least we can do for American Heroes.
Those Men and Women who are of the 3% of our society which volunteer to fight for freedom, justice & democracy across the world in our behalf. Let us not forget about those Police Officers who serve and protect the peace on our home streets as well as the firefighters willing to run up burning buildings as to keep us all safe.
Americas Unsung Heroes
Every year Gear Assist will look to change the charity we support. We do that as to provide equal support to all those heroes that now need our help. Let Us Know Please let us know what charities you feel could use our support. We will try to cycle through working with as many non-profits that we can that are related to helping soldiers, law enforcement & Firefighters.
If you know of an organization in need forward that information to us below with a link to the website. Non-Profit Criteria U.S. based charity. The focus is on Military, Police or Firefighters Must have a donation tax ID
“We are lucky to call America Our home because of the sacrifice of a few for the many. It is only just that we provide assistance to those who have provided so much in return for us.” — Phillip W.